Gary C. Matalon, MBA, PMP

  – Managing Director

Gary Matalon

Gary C. Matalon, MBA, PMP

Gary C. Matalon is a Director of Neustone, a Project and Enterprise Management firm founded in 2006.  Additionally, Gary is Director and CEO of the Kingston Live Entertainment Group, founded 2008, that is responsible for the development of premium entertainment establishments in Kingston including Fiction Lounge and, the groups most recent venture, Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records.

With over 19 years in the construction and development industry, Gary has led the implementation of the Cast-In-Place (CIP) building system on construction projects, as well as helped to implement site management aspects of the ERP system. His vast experience ranges from construction to business development to enterprise management.

Gary MatalonStrengths:

Bold, creative and energetic personality that boosts morale of others around him. One of Gary’s main strengths is in innovation, as he always thinks outside of the box and looks for ways to improve on existing systems, technologies and methodologies.


Successfully completed Project and Construction Management services for 597 house development (Aviary Housing Development). Successfully implemented and coordinated project management methods and workflows for major housing development in St. Ann (Richmond Developments).

 Refurbishing Projects:

  • Seven Seas Villa

Commercial Projects:

  • Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records
  • Maxfield Park Children’s Home


  • Richmond Estates
  • Christian Gardens Housing Development
  • Aviary Housing Development
  • Eltham Vista
  • Angels Grove Housing Development
  • Greater Portmore Housing Development